Mom and dad need time-outs, too: “me” time for parents

Isn't it funny how our perspectives change over time? I'm telling you: it wasn't that long ago when a month felt much longer. By the way, how is it February already? Now, in my thirties, the seasons seem to come and go much more swiftly than they did even five years ago. Never mind when … Continue reading Mom and dad need time-outs, too: “me” time for parents

Day at the greenhouse: tropical escape

Gorgeous white orchids with yellow throats

This morning my daughter, husband and I went to the local botanical gardens where there is a very large greenhouse. We love to go there in the winter because the lushness, flowers, and warm earthy scent are so rejuvenating and can't be found outdoors. Being there really does feel like stepping into a tropical paradise, … Continue reading Day at the greenhouse: tropical escape

Getting through post-holiday blues

Welcome to 2019 dear friends, family, and fellow-people! Christmas is my favorite holiday: it's filled with joyful memories, cheerful celebrations and it really just feels like a magical time. Moving into the new year after a time of festivity and time-off can be challenging. The weather may or may not be damp, cold or dreary … Continue reading Getting through post-holiday blues

Being okay with the everyday

I can hear laughing in the background.  Well, not really. I can imagine laughter in the background. Why? To be honest, I am not always "okay with the everyday". While from my exterior I might simply appear sweet and kind (which sure, I am), I am actually a highly competitive person, too. A cabled sweater I … Continue reading Being okay with the everyday

Sleeping in the car the night before my interview at Yale

Aren't road trips great? A few years ago I drove out to Connecticut for an interview at Yale. I know, crazy. What was I doing there? I was a somewhat non-traditional college student, starting my studies in my mid-twenties, instead of the typical late-teens. The first two years of my four-year college education began at … Continue reading Sleeping in the car the night before my interview at Yale