Mom and dad need time-outs, too: “me” time for parents

Isn't it funny how our perspectives change over time? I'm telling you: it wasn't that long ago when a month felt much longer. By the way, how is it February already? Now, in my thirties, the seasons seem to come and go much more swiftly than they did even five years ago. Never mind when … Continue reading Mom and dad need time-outs, too: “me” time for parents

Being okay with the everyday

I can hear laughing in the background.  Well, not really. I can imagine laughter in the background. Why? To be honest, I am not always "okay with the everyday". While from my exterior I might simply appear sweet and kind (which sure, I am), I am actually a highly competitive person, too. A cabled sweater I … Continue reading Being okay with the everyday

Classic children’s cardigan and matching winter hat

Baby blue cabled cardigan

When my daughter was still a tiny little thing I knit her a matching cardigan and hat for the fall and winter. Being a daring lady, I chose baby blue as the color, ignoring the traditional girly pinks. The yarn is a super wash wool, very soft and warm. It really looks gorgeous on her! … Continue reading Classic children’s cardigan and matching winter hat

Simple puff pastries with jam

Plate of puff pastries with raspberry and apricot jam

It's been a little while that I've wanted to try my hand at puff pastry. For a lady with a toddler and a husband busy with medical school, rough puff pastry seemed to be the better one to start with. I say it's better because it is less time-consuming than traditional puff pastry, but not … Continue reading Simple puff pastries with jam