Fluffy pancakes with fresh apple compote

Like many, I’ve been making pancakes for quite a while. Yesterday, though, I found a pancake recipe with which I am super happy and satisfied.

I mostly followed the recipe to the letter, except that I added about 1/2 of the required amount of sugar, as I am trying to keep my sugar intake to a reasonable level. They were amazing! Fluffy, soft, slightly sweet and delightful.

On the side I prepared a quick apple compote. It was easy to do: quarter, peel, core and cut each quarter in half. Then, they go in a pot with… nothing! That’s right, they cook down just fine on low heat by themselves.

The result was a lovely fluffy, soft pancake topped with warm apple compote.

Fluffy pancakes with apple compote.

Here is the link to the pancake recipe. Enjoy!

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