Simple puff pastries with jam

Plate of puff pastries with raspberry and apricot jam

It's been a little while that I've wanted to try my hand at puff pastry. For a lady with a toddler and a husband busy with medical school, rough puff pastry seemed to be the better one to start with. I say it's better because it is less time-consuming than traditional puff pastry, but not … Continue reading Simple puff pastries with jam

Fall leaves, fallen and beautiful

Fall leaves in yellow, orange and red on the ground

Fall leaves. I just love them. I love them on the trees, brilliant and gorgeous warm hues. I love them fallen, soft carpets of color, shining jumbles of nature's gold. I love them fragrant, the smell of earthy decay. Fall leaves. I just love them. I love them crunchy, crumbling on the ground. I love … Continue reading Fall leaves, fallen and beautiful

Baked chicken and “taters” with fresh dill

Baked chicken, potatoes and fresh dill

This recipe became an immediate favorite with my family when I created it about 3 years ago, and it's really quite easy to put together. I jokingly called it "chicken and 'taters'" and the name has stuck. I love that it is basically a meal all in one, as it has a starch (potatoes), vegetables … Continue reading Baked chicken and “taters” with fresh dill

Somewhere under the rainbow

rainbow shining over a green field

While driving home today I saw a big, soft rainbow spreading across the sky right in front of me. It seemed as if the colors brightened as I drove, because the realization that it was there came on slowly. It made me start thinking: isn't it better to be somewhere under the rainbow, after all? … Continue reading Somewhere under the rainbow

Mini pumpkin cakes by Preppy Kitchen

Yesterday my husband, daughter and I went to an autumn gathering at the home of some friends of ours. We brought an adorable fall dessert that - to my delight - many people at first misconstrued to be gourds for decoration! My sister found a video on youtube about these adorable cakes and she passed … Continue reading Mini pumpkin cakes by Preppy Kitchen